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Essential Elements of Great Signage

Working with a sign company to create advertising for your business is an investment that can offer significant and long-term benefits. If you’re planning to order new signs, then consider the following elements that are considered essential for great signage:

High Level Contrast

A key component of good sign design is contrast. A sign with too little contrast in tone and color between its elements can be difficult to read and does not demand the attention of viewers . Effective contrast can be achieved in a variety of ways, but using contrasting fonts and backgrounds is one of the simplest and most common methods.

Eye-Grabbing Color

Bright and high contrast colors offer you great ways to create a sign that demands the attention of viewers. Black and white offer the greatest amount of contrast, but a great effect can be achieved using colors, especially in combination with black or white.


The fonts on a sign should be arranged in a way that allows distinct contrast. This is because the font is what often grabs the viewer’s attention. Remember not to cram too much text onto your sign or use a style that is difficult to read. Additionally, using more than one type of font, font weight, and font size can improve a sign’s design, but going overboard can decrease the design’s aesthetics and legibility.

Sufficient Negative Space

Negative space is the part of a sign’s design that is lacking in elements. This can typically be thought of as the sign’s background. Generally, the more negative space that a sign has, the more impactful its copy can be. However, this generalization assumes that the choice of the text and its color, weight, and size are made well.

Good Kerning Design

Another type of negative space is known as kerning, which is the space allowed between letters on a sign. Bad kerning can be thought of as letters that are spaced too closely or too far apart.

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