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LED Signs

Building a Better LED Sign

An LED sign is a smart way to draw attention to your business, but you must design it the right way for it to be effective. Choose your text and font type carefully, consider setting up a playlist for your sign, and think about how the colors will affect the viewer. Read on andbuild a better LED sign .

Text and Font

If your LED sign is going to include words, you need to put some real thought into what it will say and how the text will look. Think about what you want your sign to represent about your business. Take some time to consider what you’ll say through your sign before you program it. You might want to advertise a sale, notify passersby that you’re changing locations, or celebrate a grand opening. Your text should also stand out and be legible, which tends to be easier with LED signs. Illegible font can confuse your message and might turn people away rather than draw them in.


Some types of LED signs make use of playlists. This means that you can display multiple messages on a loop. A high school might use an LED sign playlist to advertise the upcoming football game, offer information about PTA meetings, or even remind people about a budget vote. To build the best LED sign, consider what you’re displaying through your playlist and make sure you cater to your entire audience.


LED lights can create a wide range of colors, so you might be able to get full color graphics out of your LED sign. You can use the colors in your LED sign to represent your brand and catch people’s eyes. Consider your brand and your message when choosing colors for yours.

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